10 Herbal Tinctures, 2- 2 oz. and 8- 4 oz. bottles
1 Large Bag Herbal A.I.D. Tea, about 30 servings
1 Shalom A.I.D. Carrying Case
Treating Autoimmune Disease with Herbs, 4-page protocol
1 Small Shalom Herbs Glass for taking tinctures
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6 Herbal Tinctures, 4 oz. each
1 Large Bag Herbal A.I.D. Tea, about 30 servings
1 Shalom A.I.D. Carrying Case
A $188.00 value for $99.00


The primary, therapeutic Shalom A.I.D. Kit includes a two-month protocol. A smaller, follow-up, Maintenance A.I.D. Kit is available for continuation of the protocol for a longer length of time.

PROTOCOL OVERVIEW – Six Areas To Focus on when treating A.I.D.:

1. Address underlying, deep-tissue infections with parasite cleanse and anti-microbial herbs
2. Address leaky gut with diet, supplements, herbs
3. Immune system modulation with herbs
4. Address inflammation with diet, herbs, supplements
5. Boost nutrition through diet, supplements
6. Calm physiological body stress with adaptogenic herbs

A.I.D. 2-Month Protocol:

First Month: Anti-Parasitical, Lymphatic Support, Liver Support, Adrenal Support, Anti-Microbial:

Second Month: Anti-Inflammatory: Bitters, Gut Health, Immune System Modulator, Mushroom Blend

SHALOM A.I.D. TEA: The herbs in this tea are soothing to an inflamed gut lining and add nutritional support with vitamins and minerals.

*For best results, continue your A.I.D. program with the A.I.D. Maintenance Kit, which excludes the detox tinctures.

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